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MF8 Megaminx


Nov 20, 2010
Sydney, Australia
The following post isn't mean. This is advice.
I find that the best choice is to not make a thread unless absolutely necessary. Only make a thread if you have something useful and important that does not fit anywhere else. Or maybe if it is a really long post. There will likely be others with different opinions though.
Another tip: If you want to know where something is, look for it.
You should just check out multiple stores to see if it is there.
There was the Where To Buy Cubes Thread, but the content has been removed.

To answer MegaCuber1's question, I don't actually know. I can't find it at any stores. For all I know, it might be sold nowhere at all.

EDIT: This 'advice' was probably really obvious and silly to some people, but I'll just get it out there. If it happens to help someone, that's great.
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Dec 10, 2008
Odd, so odd,

I could never understand the attitude of "I could do anything I want cuz Ima noob! U got a problem with that?"