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MF3RS3 M vs MoYu Weilong WR M!

Aug 24, 2018
Tom TheCuber
Thread starter #3
I think the WR M is better, though I’ve never bought one if those cubes. Its basically a GTS3M without ridges, and if you watch J Perm’s cube review, MF3RS3 is beaten by Yuxin Little Magic, which is a budget cube and not as good as top tier cubes like the Gan X or GTS3M or Valk 3 Power M, etc.
I think J Perm was kind of unfair on the RS3 M as although it is a little unstable (For my tastes at least) it is really good when it comes to performance and the catching I mentioned could be resolved with different tensions (I think). It's definitely not worse than the YLM IMO, yes the GAN X is worlds better, but then again the RS3 is a quarter of the price.