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Method Development


Mar 26, 2006
Murfreesboro, TN
So...I'm getting bored with CFOP these days and I've started looking into different 3x3 methods. There has to be something better out there :unsure:

I don't have the time, resources, patience, to develop a method entirely by myself, but I'm willing to work on it team style.

Here's the current method in question: (As "created" by Ron and I several months ago:

1] orient edges <6 turn avg>
2] orient corners <6 turn avg> -- guimond style
3] Place E edges in middle layer while preserving orientation (the edges don't need to be permute correctly, just placed in the E layer)
4] Solve D corners + permute E layer edges. <Fairly intuitive w/ practice>
5] Solve U corners+seperate edges into appropriate layers. <white edges on white face, yellow edges on yellow face>
6] Solve U/D edges at once (M2U2M2 to fix the 'parity' that can occur)

Mainly I need help with alg generation/optimization for steps 3,5,and6
Any ideas/suggestions are also welcome.