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[Review] Meilong 3x3M Review - The Best Choice? | Moyustore

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May 11, 2020
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Hello Everyone,
This review is about the MoYu Meilong 3x3M


The Meilong 3x3M is a cheap magnetic budget cube that proved to outperform many other budget buys whilst being magnetized and lubricated by Moyustore, with their Premium A&M service that (on this puzzle) only costs $10 more than if you buy the original, non-magnetized version. You can see that link to my review of this at the end of this review. However, we will be looking at how it turns without the help of Moyustore, and whether the puzzle is great out of the box, or if Moyustores Premium A&M service is the best for this cube.


  • Review of Store
  • Review of Cube – MoYu Meilong 3x3M
  • Unboxing
  • Out of the Box (OOTB)
  • Comparison OOTB
  • Lube + Tension
  • Break-in
  • Comparison Break-In
  • Final Thoughts

Review of Store

General Info
Name – Moyustore
Link - https://www.moyustore.com/
Yet again, another great service from Moyustore who continue to impress. Thanks.

Review of Cube

General Inf
Name – MoYu Meilong 3x3M
Price – $9.90
Availability – Stickerless
Link - https://www.moyustore.com/products/3x3-mfjs-meilong-m-rubiks-cube-stickerless?variant=31824882630774
Size – 55mm
Weight – 96.9g

Brief Overview
The Meilong 3x3M Premium A&M puzzle had qualities that were out of my expectations when it came to how well they executed the spring sound reduction, how they lubricated and magnetized the cube and especially the price for this premium puzzle. At only $15.99, this cube impressed from when it turned out of the box to how it turned after break in which was fast and good. However, I received the Meilong 3x3M to see whether Moyustores setup is the best for this cube and whether you should spend your money on either:

  • Qiyi MS 3x3
  • Meilong 3x3 Premium A&M
  • Meilong 3x3M.
The puzzle is encased in a compact box along with an accessories box that contained the traditional MoYu screwdriver, along with some cards with familiar faces on them.

Out of the Box

First Impressions – Before Turning

The cube immediately looked more appealing to look at due to the change in shades comparing to the Meilong A&M puzzle that I had previously mained. This look making it easier to solve in any lighting condition and making f2l pairs easier to spot for those using CFOP. The cube also had a MoYu Sticker on the white centre cap which didn’t appear on the A&M puzzle.


The pieces immediately looked better due to their darker shades that, to me, seemed an improvement. However, everything else is the same as the premium A&M which was as expected seeing as though they’re from the same manufacturer, and they’re near enough the same model.


The feel of the cube was the same, except for the slimy pieces on the Meilong M which made a difference, so I immediately cleaned off the lubrication on the outside so I could continue feeling the main aspects of the outside of the puzzle. However, everything else seemed the same, comparing to the Meilong Premium A&M. Comparing to the QiYi MS 3x3 however, the MS seemed larger, and the piece design didn’t have a more rounded off approach, much like the Meilong. The size of the QiYi I wasn’t a fan of, seeing as though I have smaller hands, maining the Gan 354M V2, I didn’t enjoy the lack of the rounded off pieces, and the lack of compatibility with smaller hands. Along with this, this cube also was slimy out of the box which I also wasn’t a fan of.

First Turns

On first turns, immediately, I realised the cube was lacking speed, however, the magnet strengths, being strong, made up for this blunder in lubrication management, along with spring sounds, as that was an issue on some of the sides. However, the cubes magnet strengths, tensions and smooth turning made me believe that this was a cube that could use some work. However, when compared to the QiYi MS, the MS clearly had a lot of work to do. The MS’s tensions were very tight, corner cutting was inadequate, and cube was very loud and ‘clacky’ as some cubers may say. Tensions, however, was the main issue. The cube had tensions of what seemed like a Rubik’s Brand Speedcube as corner cutting was only that of half a piece forward and half a piece reverse. However, the QiYi MS comparison to the Meilong wasn’t too bad. Why? Well, the speed of the Qiyi was very fast. Not too uncontrollable but not too slow. This I was a fan of. And to make things even better, the cube had a nice airy turning style. As of the tensions, I will loosen them to see what type of cube this could become and what type of cube the Meilong could become. Which one is main worthy?


The speed was slightly slower than I expected, however, for the couple of seconds I had the cube, I began to like it because of it’s light airy turning. That of the QiYi MS 3x3, it was quick, as in... Gan quick which led me to believe this could be a good cube when loosened and tensioned properly.

The cornercutting on this cube out of the box is as follows:
Forward – 45 degrees.

Reverse – Piece to piece

The corner cutting is nice and ‘snappy’ like that of the Meilong Premium A&M, which, again, was expected.

As I began my solves with the Meilong 3x3M, I was consistently getting sub 25’s but sub 20’s weren’t popping up at all. That was until.
A certain spring sound began to appear, certainly louder than it was out of the box. So, I was forced to lubricate the puzzle.
With a little bit of thin lubrication on the cube


After yet another couple of solves to break in this amazing puzzle, I realised this lubrication application really worked out for the cube, the speed was perfect for me even though I would’ve enjoyed a but more speed out of this puzzle. However, sub 20’s began to appear as I nearly broke my Personal Best with a time of 15.82 which was close, but not quite a PB.

After another round of solves I compared my thoughts below.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the cube is amazing. The soft turning style really made me change my mind about this puzzle, which I do not do very often with cubes that aren’t very fast. However, Moyustore have still done a really good job with their Premium A&M service, mainly due to the fact this cube feels similar but slightly worse than the A&M which was what I expected, seeing how precise they were with their magnets in the puzzle, their spring sound reduction and mainly their lubrication application. This really impressed me. When I came to the Meilong 3x3M, I was still rather impressed with this puzzle, this cube was good out of the box but could’ve been better. However, when compared to the QiYi MS 3x3 out of the box, the cube seemed even better than usual, mainly due to the tensions on the QiYi MS 3x3 which I most certainly wasn’t impressed by, due to how tight they were.

However, the cube overall was amazing. That was until the QiYi MS was loosened by myself. The cube was too fast. The QiYi MS I mean. Even to lighter turners, the cube seemed was too fast for me and my colleague SpeedCubeCritic. Along with this, it seems QiYi opted for a much different cube style to MoYu and their Meilong 3x3M. How? Well, the pieces seemed less rounded off, comparing to the Meilong which had rounded off pieces, which wasn’t too much of an issue, however, I would’ve opted for rounded off pieces as they seem more streamlined and better to turn. Along with this, there seemed to be no spring sound on the QiYi which, you could say, saved the cube out of the box along with the speed which made this puzzle much better than it originally was outside of the box.

Overall, I would suggest both. But mainly the Meilong. Why?
The QiYi MS however, with the intention to slow this cube down as the speed of the QiYi MS is insanely fast, this being not in a good way.
I would also suggest the Meilong 3x3M because it is a good cube. Outside of the box it is not perfect however, when lubricated and tensioned, this cube is really good for both lighter turners and harder turners. The spring sound is good for the first few weeks/days that you have the cube for, however, after a while the spring sound really pushed through unfortunately.

However, this cube is a beast.

And the QiYi MS 3x3 is arguably worse or maybe even better. I am going to write an in-depth review of the 3x3 so look out for that as well.

Let me know what you think either on my status, or just comment below!

Thanks. Feel free to check out my previous reviews.

My previous reviews:

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Good name?

Any other names you would like to suggest?

Comment below, or comment on my status.
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Aug 14, 2019
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Does the Meilong feel like other more expensive Moyu cubes? Scratchy, buttery smooth, and fast?
The Meilong features a matte plastic, so doesn't quite have the same feel as the moyu flagships out of the box. They are however very fast and become smooth with a simple touch of lubricant. The matte plastic gives a slight sandiness which eventually goes away, not quite the same feel but great nonetheless.