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3x3 Meilong 3 Premium A cube Review | Moyustore

Owen Morrison

Aug 16, 2019
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Meilong 3 Premium A cube

General Info

Name: Meilong 3 premium A cube
Price $10.99 USD with Premium A Setup
Availability: White, Black, and Stickerless
Size: 56mm
Weight: 73g
Link: https://www.moyustore.com/collections/premium-zone/products/mf8841-moyu-meilong-3x3x3-magic-cube-stickerless-magnetic-version?variant=31593986490486


The Meilong 3x3 is a budget cube that has had a lot of hype recently. This is mainly due to the feel of turning the cube and because it performs better than almost every other cube in its price range. Moyu Store offers two setup options for this cube: Firstly, they have Premium A Setup, which includes lubrication, tension adjustment, and spring noise reduction. Secondly, they have Premium A & M Setup, which includes everything that the Premium A setup in addition to magnets in the pieces.


The Meilong came in a small box whose contents included the cube and a small pamphlet containing suggested algorithms.

Appearance and feel

The Meilong 3x3 has very bright shades, similar to the MF3RS2. I prefer these brighter shades because they are easier to see in all lightings. It has slightly frosted plastic, which I am not a fan of. All frosted plastic seems to do is make the cube slippery with no added benefits. However, the frosted plastic on the Meilong 3x3 is actually not very annoying at all, the cube actually has some grip (unlike Gan’s frosted plastic) which allows me to use this cube without having to worry too much about dropping it. The Meilong 3x3 is also very light, it is significantly lighter than all of my other 3x3s. This is due to it’s thin plastic and lack of magnets.

Out of the box this cube was a little bit sandy and very fast. After some break in the sandiness was replaced by a crispy feeling and the cube slowed down to a more controllable speed. Moyu Store did a great job lubricating this cube and tensioning it. It is a little on the tight side, which is what I prefer. After doing some solves on this cube, I think the main issue is that the cube is uncontrollable and not very stable. I think both of these issues can be fixed in one of 2 ways: Tighter tensions or Magnets. Tighter tensions would make the cube more controllable and stable, but it would sacrifice performance in other areas. Magnets would make the cube more controllable and stable. Overall I think the effortless turning and crispy feel make this a very enjoyable cube to solve.

Also as a side note, this cube is very loud, so I would not suggest using it around people who might be annoyed by the sound.
Corner Cutting
Forward: just less than 45 degrees

Reverse: 30 degrees

Moyu Store’s lubrication

I think Moyu Store’s many hours of research to find the perfect lube combination paid off. They did an amazing job lubricating this puzzle so that it appeals to a wide variety of cubers. With their professional lubricating and tensioning the cube feels smooth, fast, and effortless to turn. I think that Moyu Store’s Premium A&M setup will be best for most cubers because of it’s effortless turning, it’s smoothness, and it’s speed. I think every cuber should get this cube with the Premium A setup or the Premium A&M setup because of all the benefits they provide with only a small increase in price.

Final Thoughts

At only $10 ($5 base price, $10 with professional setup), this is the best cube in it’s price range, and it is better than a lot of cubes more expensive than this. I only had a few issues with this puzzle, which is surprising considering it’s very cheap price. I think the addition of magnets would help the performance greatly (which is why I would recommend the Premium A&M version), as well as getting rid of the frosted plastic and using a glossy plastic instead. I highly recommend this cube to anyone who wants another 3x3 to add to their collection for a low price without sacrificing performance. It would also be a great cube to buy in large quantities for events like multi blind and FMC.

Here are some picture of the puzzle:
unnamed (5).jpgunnamed.jpgunnamed (4).jpgunnamed (3).jpgunnamed (2).jpgunnamed (1).jpg
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