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meilong 2x2x2 review

Aug 30, 2020
On a long train journey, Smashin' PBs one a stop
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the meilong 2x2 is smooth but way too slow out of the box but after i did 3000 solves on it and its really decent well 2x2 is my main event so dont buy this if you dont want to do 3000 solves.
lol no. I mained a Meilong and used to average low 2 on it but then I quit 2x2 and forgot all my algs. A bunch of weight 1 is all what you need to make it decently fast. My meilong is currently broken rip.

Factory tensions are actually ok.

btw I average 5.8-5.9 seconds on 2x2 rn


Feb 19, 2021
I have the MGC Elite and the Yupo V2M, and the Yupo after a lube job was better than the MGC Elite out-of-the-box.
The MGC Elite was too tight/slow.
So setup is VERY important, unless cubes feels perfect out of the box.
Same with the RS3M, worse than the Little Magic and Meilong 3M out of the box (at least to my style). It needs lube and magnets to become significantly better. GTS3M and GuHong v4M were great out of the box.