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Megaminx WB Single - Ethan Davis


May 7, 2018
Washington State, USA
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Ok, now that it's April 2nd I want to explain what's going on here.

TL;DR: It's a fake solve for April Fool's Day

So here's how I did it. The scramble is a legit scramble I got from cstimer... in July of last year. I sent it to a friend to try and I found that message and used the scramble. I prepared my solution before recording the solve, trying many different S2L solutions until I found one I liked (F2L was obvious lol) and practicing over and over again once I found the one I liked. I did several things I would never do in a real solve, aside from just having perfect lookahead. I would not have done the yellow/purple/orange 2x2 like that; I almost never blockbuild unless a pair is already made. The entire "simple blockbuilding" of the red block was complete BS; I would not have been able to see the one move pair or the fact that I could preserve the pair better with an extra move or that I could change the orientation of the next edge, everything was carefully planned. That part of the solve was the hardest for me to do quickly because of how unintuitive it was. I would not have predicted that the blue/cream edge would be oriented and thus would have rotated for the blue/purple/green pair. Lastly, I do actually know the algorithms for both OLL and PLL in that solve, so that was pretty lucky, but there is absolutely no way I would ever dream of canceling into PLL. The recognition I explained was made up on the spot since the stuff I actually use to recognize that case was hidden in the back by the uncompleted R' move. When I found that, I thought it was the perfect touch for a fake solve: something outrageous but just slightly believable. My goal going into this solve was sub-25, so easily WB, and I obviously destroyed that goal lol. I got a 24.0x a couple solves before this and did the fake reaction and everything but I decided to keep going because I was slow on the red block and locked up or something. Anyway, thanks for reading my very long post and watching my video! I had a lot of fun doing this solve.