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Megaminx Blindfolded Tutorial

Jan 26, 2016
Well done! Nice explanation!
Think this is very good for at least middle-experienced blindcubers - they can get the ideas behind it and will find out the rest by themselves.
Perhaps some ideas:
- edge-flip can be done by solving the edge and then solving it as flipped
- or you put it in the buffer or slave, then do the com, flip it in place F' U F U', do the com and U F' U' F
(both not faster but you don't have to learn the flip-algo and you are still in your system)
- unflipped top-face-pieces could be used as slave (and your U2 - U2' will be Un - Un'), easier to handle and only one com
- this idea again: sometimes you can bring other pieces easy to the top and you can do the same
(would work with corners, too, but the edge-com is longer and more often)

But for the start I would suggest to everyone to keep it simple. Especially solving two pieces with one comm needs more thinking and you can't go through the solve as fluent as if you only do it one-by-one.

OK, it's up to everyone to start Megaminxblind :D
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Jan 10, 2013
Moscow, Russia
The idea of mixing colors is fascinating, however, it doesn't add efficiency to the straight-forward method of assigning a letter-pair for a single sticker. In order to memorize two stickers, you still have to memorize two units of information - an object and its color. If you're using PAOish system, or at least for most letter-pairs you have an object and an adjective which you alternate during memo, then it's the same amount of info to memorize as if you were using colors.
What I mean by PAOish system is:
PI = {paint, painted, to paint}, PJ = {projector, projected, to project}, PK = {pike, piked, to pike}, PL = {pile, piled, to pile}, PM = {pump, pumped, to pump} and so on.
so then PI PJ PK PL PM = (painted projector pikes the piled pump) vs (red projector, blue pile, ...).

On the megaminx, there's no easy way to assign a single word to a pair of stickers, mostly because it'll require learning ~3500 words. As soon as I acknowledged that, I stopped trying to invent a supreme encoding/memorization method for minxes and learned a basic one, which I recommend everyone to do ;)

PS congrats on your UWR!
Feb 21, 2012
Thread starter #7
The color method doesn't add any efficiency if you use PAO, but I do think that it's better that a method with just letter pairs. Plus, because I use colors instead of PAO, I can combine two pieces of information: a color and a word, into one piece of an image, and I don't need to have 3 words per letter pair, only one. The use of colors may not be the best method for everyone, and PAO is a good alternative, but IO have found that it works best for me.