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[Unofficial] Me solving all of my puzzles (better angle)


Nov 21, 2014
Fort Worth, Texas
So I decided to re-do the video I made last week about me solving all of my puzzles. I did a better angle this time and made it to where you can sort of see my time. Notice the clock in the background and that should show you how fast I am at each puzzle and how long it took me to do it all.

6x6 had a center piece pop out, which has been happening to me a lot recently, but I have noticed that I am getting faster at it and big cubes in general.

Again, like in the last video, the cubes I used were (not in order in the video):

7x7 Moyu Aofu
6x6 Moyu Aoshi (white)
5x5 Moyu Aochuang
4x4 Moyu Aosu (white)
4x4 Moyu Aosu (stickerless)
4x4 Shengshou (konsta/florian modded)
3x3 Moyu Aolong V1
3x3 Moyu Aolong V2
3x3 Yj Guanlong (white)
3x3 Stickerless Zhanchi
3x3 Rubik's speedcube
3x3 Original Rubik's cube
2x2 Stickerless Dayan Zhanchi
Dayan Megaminx (stickerless)
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