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[Unofficial] Marcell 3BLD 24.92 avg5 and 26.45 avg12


Sep 1, 2007

I've worked hard for this.

Memo: letter pair words
Execution: commutator 3-cycles
Cube: dayan guhong v2

26.45 avg12 = 27.03, 26.11, 23.37, 25.27, (DNF), (22.49), 31.04, 28.16, 24.92, 27.29, 24.71, 26.57
24.92 avg5 = 26.11, 23.37, 25.27, (DNF), (22.49)

1. 27.03 B' F2 R2 D2 U2 L B' F U L R D2 U' L' D2 U2 B D' L R2 F2 R2 D' F
2. 26.11 R2 B D' L' R' D' L' R2 D2 U L F2 L2 D2 U2 B U2 L2 R U2 R F L' F2
3. 23.37 B F D F' R' B2 D2 F2 D2 U L R' B F2 L F D' U B U' B F2 D' F
4. 25.27 R2 D F2 D2 L U B' F2 L' R2 B' L D2 U' F' D2 U2 R D' F D2 F2 R' U'
5. DNF B' U' B2 D' U' L R U' R' D' L F2 R' F D U B' D B F' D B R D2
6. 22.49 D' U' R B L' D' U' R D2 F D' U' L B2 D2 R' B R F2 U2 L' R2 B F'
7. 31.04 R U' L' B2 U2 B' U2 B L2 D R B' F' U' F2 U F R U B F D2 U2 L
8. 28.16 B2 D L' R D2 R2 D2 R' U2 L' D2 U F L' D2 B' U2 R B F2 R' B' L U'
9. 24.92 R D' F2 R' B' F R F' R2 B F' R B2 D B L' U2 R' D B F' D' L2 D'
10. 27.29 D2 U R D R2 F' L' R2 D' U2 F' L' F2 D2 U B2 F' R2 U2 L U2 F U' L
11. 24.71 U2 R' F2 R' F L D L2 R2 B2 F L R D R' D B' R B D U' R D R
12. 26.57 B' F R2 D' U L2 B2 R B2 L2 U F' L' U' L D R B U B D2 U' R' F'
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Mar 31, 2012
London, UK
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y no reconstructions?

Because there are 12 solves, and BLD solves take longer to reconstruct because of move-count (if you're not the solver.) Plus Marcell's bloody fast!

Counting 31 at 4:30, what a bummer... hahahah.

That memo, that execution, that fluency... that that that that that... so unbelievably awesome. :D:tu

and lols, his disgusted reaction.