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Making Good Progress with Times for CFOP Up To Yellow Cross


Apr 1, 2022
I’m about two weeks into my new speedcubing adventure, decided to buy a Gan i3 for help. I can consistently get yellow cross in about 1’45” (yes I know, not fat, but still learning). I know where I’m losing time and will work on those details, but I’m struggling with time from yellow cross to solved puzzle. Any acronyms or anything else to help keep track of those algorithms? Biggest problem is solving yellow face, and if I can get the corners to match, I can solve reasonably fast. It's solving the and orienting final layer corners that's causing the most headaches.

The Gan i3 is an amazing device btw, it’s been great for my young kid as well who is taking this journey with me. I know they are pricey, and the app can be dodgy at times, but I’m a visual learner, so it’s helping me with my time. I would highly recommend this to others who want to learn visually as well as have an automatic log of your progress. Kids love it too! So glad I've taken this up.

* I’ve used yellow only as an example as I’ve decided to train to be color agnostic as I’ve read it’s much easier to train like that from the start rather than tackling it later.


Jul 24, 2019
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At beginner pace (I assume you mean 1 min 45 sec to cross?) just practice algs until you get them memorized and they get into muscle memory.