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Making better ROLL/JOLL resources


Platinum Member
Aug 13, 2011
Canberra, Australia
Thread starter #1

(For those who don't know ROLL or JOLL, I have written explanations *here* and *here*, as well as videos on my channel explaining the method)

I just posted this video on my YouTube channel which explains why exactly ROLL and JOLL resources currently suck

Aside from a lack of widespread knowledge and general understanding, the way these ideas need to be documented is quite a bit different to say, OLL or PLL. In short, you're not going to see ROLL or JOLL listed on algdb.net any time soon, and for good reason

The main reason I'm posting this on the SS forums is because I'm looking to find someone interested in making a ROLL/JOLL generator website

The TLDW of the video is that a strict algorithm list of ROLL/JOLL isn't practical or even as helpful since ROLL/JOLL naturally requires the person learning it to understand the recognition in relation to the algorithms they personally prefer. Algdb.net already lists alternate algs for each case, and ROLL/JOLL being documented in such a way would make each cases notes section like 20x as long and dense, which isn't necessary nor helpful to someone trying to learn ROLL/JOLL (if anything it makes it look more complicated than it really is)

My idea is having something where you can type in an OLL alg, and it somehow generates images of which OLLCP corresponds with each CP (Diag, noswap, and Adj with headlights in back, front, left, or right), as well as the "JOLL" information (aka what EP info you can gather from the two misoriented edges, since JOLL is specifically a technique used for two edge OLL's and not dots or cross cases)

If anyone thinks they're up to the task in terms of coding and making the website, I'm more than happy to give you input and further info on what exactly I want :)