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Make an offer Lots Of Cubes!!!


Oct 6, 2018
Here are all of the cubes I have for sale if you want to buy one, or more than one! PM me. Shipping is not included in prices. If you want a picture of a certain cube ask in the comments and I will post one. Price negotiable PM me.

Moyu wheel of time- black- $15

Handmade flat 2x2 unstickered- black- $10

Magnetic Moyu Redi cube- stickerless- $20

CH Galaxy v2 m- sculpted- $25

Galaxy v1 megaminx- $12

Cyclone boys 7x7 G7- stickerless- $15 (sold)

Qiyi Wuhua v1 6x6- black- $12 (sold)

Moyu bochuang 5x5- black- $13

Mini wuque 4x4 M- stickerless- $20 (sold)

Custom magnetic mini cyclone boys 4x4- stickerless- $15 (Sold)

Custom magnetic qiyi big sail- black- $15 (sold)

Gamma treated gts2m with cubicle engraved logo- stickerless- $45 (Sold)

Polymer coated yj mgc- black- $35

Gts2- black- $10

Custom magnetic yuxin black 3x3- stickerless- $10

Custom magnetic yj guanlong v3- black- $10

GTS3m- stickerless- $25

Custom magnetic yj ruilong 3x3- $10

Custom magnetic Dayan xiangyun 3x3- $15

50mm Old plastic Dayan 2x2- White- $40(Sold)

Custom magnetic 55mm Fangshi shishuang- black- $10

Cubicle pro shop Chuwen m- black- $20 (sold)

Cubicle pro shop yuexiao pro- white- $15

Cubicle valk 2 m- stickerless- $20 (sold)
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