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[Unofficial] Lucas Etter 3x3 Single 5.17 seconds


Dec 24, 2011
Near Deetroit, Michigan, United States
Reconstruction to Lucas Etter 5.17 Single

Gee, this is fun. Might do this more often! :D

Scramble: U2 L2 B D2 B' R2 B2 R2 B' L2 D2 R D' F' D2 B D2 L2 D' R U

y x' // inspection

D r' R' D R2 D' // cross

U2' R' U R U L U L' // F2L 1

U R U R' U2 R' U R // F2L 2

U2 r' F r // F2L 3

U' R U R' // F2L 4

U R U R' U' M' U R U' r' U // LL

View at alg.garron

HTM - 42 moves =~8.1 HTPS
QTM - 46 moves =~8.9 QTPS
STM - 41 moves =~7.9 STPS
ETM - 45(?) moves = ~8.7 ETPS (I think no double flicks on U2s, hard to tell, and I may have missed other stuff)

50% Speed and still is pretty fast o__O
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