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Aug 14, 2018
Thread starter #1

I am cubing 3x3 for a month now and I feel it is going to stick with me, I bought a cube (MF3RS2) and it felt great at the beginning but know it feels a bit more locky and corner twists do occur once in a while. Also when I turn my cube very slowly I can really feel the plastics rubbing against each other and I think that thats the reason that it feels worse then in the beginning ( and lockups could be from the puzzel being slower then im used to so im am cutting bigger corners).

For this reason I would like to buy some lube but I have a lot of questions I hope some of you guys can answer.

How many times can I lube a cube with 10 CC (just a rough number)
how long does lube last, I know this depends from which lube but I would like a long lasting lube but i don't know what long lasting is for lube.
I would like to buy a fast and slow lube do you have any recommendations?

thank you in advance