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Lots of older speedcubes, non-WCA, and cubesmith stickers

Ghost Cuber

Jun 6, 2016
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PayPal only, free shipping in the U.S. over $20. Pictures and details available upon request.
Witeden 2x2 megaminx $30
Mf8 master Kilomimx $20
Cubicle GTS M primary $20
ShengShou pyraminx $2
Dayan + mf8 4x4 (I think V1, maybe v2) $6
Yj sulong $2
Florian and Konsta modded SS 4x4 v3 $7
3x3x2 barrel (not actual name) $3
3x3x2 $3
2x2x3 $2
Axis cube $5
Limited edition transparent purple crazy Fisher Cube $10
ShengShou Aurora $5
Stock SS 4x4 v3 $4
Witeden 3x3x6 $20
WitFour $3
Witeden super 3x3 $7
SS mirror cube $3
4 color Mefferts pocket cube $15
Witeden camoflage 3x3 $15
CfU 3x3x4 $7
Original YJ 7x7 $12
Shuangren v2 $8
QiYi QiDi S $3
Vintage square-1 $7
Cong's design meiying $8
Qiyi wuxia $10
2x aolong v2 unstickered $6 each
3x3 bandaged like a square-1 $5
Various cubesmith and izo stickers