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[Help Thread] Looking for a SPECIFIC beginner's guide from around 1999


Feb 6, 2017
I got my first rubik's cube around 1999 and it came with a paper manual that I'm trying to find online somewhere. I'm 80% sure it was an official rubik's cube (may have been a mini one on a keychain, I don't recall if I got that one first or later on). The manual was accordion folded and about 1 inch by 2 inches when folded up.

The (apparently) unique thing about this guide that also makes it different from the other beginner guides I've seen from more recently is the order of the final layer: CPLL, COLL, EPLL, EOLL. Guides no longer seem to recommend that order for whatever reason (probably slower). Can anyone help me find this guide from around 1999 with that order for the final layer?

I'm mostly just trying to find a particular algorithm from that method. I've found replacement algorithms on the super awesome wiki, but I'm still curious to figure out what the original algorithm I learned (and have since forgotten) for EOLL as a final step.


Feb 14, 2014
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I think my cousin had a manual very similar to that. When she was learning to solve it, she used a weird method from the manual that solved last layer edges last, when I intervened and taught her a more standard beginner method. It'd make sense that her manual would be from that time period, so it's possible that that's it. I can ask if she still has it or knows where it is and if I could get pictures. I'll let you know either way when I find out. :)