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Looking for a Gan XS ***must be at BayAreaSpeedcubin212019


Jun 21, 2019
I'm looking for a stickerless Gan XS at this comp: worldcubeassociation.org
Cubes I'll willing to be trading for:
Best deal:
- Gan X: all accessories, stickerless, very good condition, numerical IPG, setup with angstrom lubes, 10cc magic lube 1/2 full, mat, cube cover
- Weilong GTS3M: Missing adjustment tool (you can use your hand), set up with angstrom lubes but has a little residue, also good condition but not as good as Gan X
Other cubes I am willing to offer:
- YJ MGC: stickerless, setup, all accessories
- Fisher Xtreme Skewb: stickers wearing
- Yuxin Little Magic
- Qiyi budget 4x4: stickered
- Cyclone boys old 2015 cube: OK condition but needs cleaning