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Logo Or No-No?

Jun 28, 2018
Should you use a logo? Does it improve your performance? These are all questions I had starting as a cuber. I eventually lowered my times down to a PB of 22 seconds. After this, I bought my first premium cube. The Moyu Weilong GTS2. The logo over time wore out and just became a small piece on my centre cap that was collecting and holding dirt. I decided to remove the logo. But I wondered if this would improve my 3x3 times. Pre removing the logo, I averaged about 33-36 seconds. Then, after removing the logo I average about 29-31 seconds. This all happened in the space of one day, so I did not improve in any way. This is why I believe that logos are a massive no-no. They just distract you from the actual solve.


Premium Member
Apr 1, 2017
Galar Region
As someone who has been cubing for well over 5 years, I can say with confidence that for most people, logos are not distracting at all and do not affect times or recognition in the least. If you find that this isn't the case for you, then it might be wise to remove it.
Also, any logos are illegal in Blindfolded events, so that's something to keep in mind.