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Lightake U.S. Warehouse Review/Unboxing


Nov 12, 2008
Whippany NJ
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Hey guys,

Wanted to make 1 more store review before I move onto another topic. For this round I chose to do Lightake's new U.S. based warehouse (Link - http://www.lightake.com/USWarehouse.html)

In the video I make 1 order, briefly talk about my experiences with buying from them (Shipping time, packaging, etc.), and then unbox the puzzles that I got.

For anyone not wanting to watch the video:

-Their pricing is great compared to their U.S. counterparts
- The package shipped out 1.5 business days (WOW!)
- Package arrived by the 3rd business day after purchase
-Website accepts both papal and credit cards
-Shipping package not as padded (Bubble wrap etc.) as their U.S. counterparts
-Puzzles arrived in perfect condition and the order was correct
-Not the largest selection currently

Honestly, I am super surprised at how they did. Was not expecting the speed in which I got my package. If lightake can increase their selection and still maintain the high service they are currently offering, they are definitely going to start putting pressure on the U.S. stores. In the past, you had to choose between low prices with long wait times and poor customer service, or higher prices with quick delivery and great customer service. Right now, lightake is combining all the best attributes of both types of stores.

**This review was in no way sponsored by Lightake.com**