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lightake.com--YJ Yu Long 3x3 Colorful Stickerless Speed Cube. 5 Testers Wanted !


Nov 19, 2013
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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lightake.com-YJ Yu Long 3x3 now has arrived! 5 Testers Wanted !

Hi speedsolving friends,

I'm Amylee from lightake.com. Glad to see you guys again. :D

Recently after the YJ Su Long, YJ Ling Gan, YJ Chi Long, the Yong Jun company has released another new cube--YJ Yu Long 3x3 Colorful Stickerless.
Their designer said it's the updated version of YJ Su Long 3x3. It has exceptional corner cutting and speed. Easy to control and difficult to pop. At the moment only the colorful stickerless version is available.
So if you're a fan of YJ Su Long 3x3, the YJ Yu Long 3x3 is definitely worth trying. :tu

Now we wanna hear your voice about this new cube:

LighTake needs 5 testers for the YJ Yu Long 3x3. We will select all the testers carefully to provide worthwhile opinions to the other speedcubers.
And those who have been selected should post your unboxing videos and reviews in this thread within one week after you receive the parcel.
If you are unable to do that, pls don't ask for testing this cube. You can post comments when other testers upload their reviews.

So if you're interested in this cube and are experienced with testing cubes, pls leave your email, WCA ID and YouTube channel in this thread. Thanks !
Activity will expire on Dec 8th (Hong Kong Time)

Some specifications and mechanism details about YJ Yu Long 3x3:

.Brand: YJ8304
.Sticker: Stickerless
.Color: Six Colors

.Level: 3x3x3
.Size: 56 x 56x 56mm
.Weight: 95g

Ps: This thread only allows to discuss anything about the new cubes. If you have
any questions or troubles with your orders in LighTake, you can post on our official thread. http://www.speedsolving.com/forum/sh...fficial-Store!
There will be people who can deal with your problems specially. :)

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