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Letter Quads discussion


Jan 9, 2014
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This thread is created for people who are planning to memo some chunk as a group of four letters. There are 126,720 letter quads for all possible edge cases on the 3x3, so its a big zoo/farm that we have to make up to have a complete system.

In this thread, discussing difficult Letter Quads which could not be classified into a person, action or object/mnemonic is intended. Also how to get efficient and reach the fluency level as letter pairs is expected. Any techniques to do that will be appreciated?

P.S. My personal path as of 2020 end: I have about 65000 letter quads familiar and have them up in an excel sheet. I try to use them in MBLD, as 3BLD is mostly audio and images. I started making Letter Quads early in 2017. No idea when I will achieve fluency in making letter quad sentences.