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Korean Cubes


Nov 7, 2009
NOTE: i know this b/c i am korean, and have exchanged emails with the owner of cubenjoy.com ALOT.

In this thread, i will explain what kinds of cubes korea has, and why they are hard to get. THIS IS NO MEANS A REVIEW OF THE CUBES, MERELY AN OVERVIEW OF THEM.

Nobel cube: The company has disgraced Nobel by naming it so. The turning is HORRIBLE, you will break a bone if you try to turn it with a finger. It 'stops' 3 times every turn. It's 3000 won or 5000 won in Korea (3 or 5 USD), it's NOT WORTH IT.

Edison cube: This is the cube that the most people know about. Camcuber has done a review on it a LOONG time ago, and i have done one too, with my very high pitched voice a few years ago. It has a unique feeling to it. The Edison cube is relatively easy to get. It costs around 7000-13000 won (7 to 13 USD) depending on the color of the cube.

Joy cube: This is the cube that the most people want. Camcuber has mentioned it a few times i believe. It has a unique crispy feeling to it. This cube was manufactured and sold by cubenjoy.com, a korean cubing webstore. One day, white joy cubes went out of stock and so did the black ones. I asked cubenjoy about this, and the owner responded that they will be focusing on selling cubes, and stop manufacturing joy cubes. A few months later, the transparent joy cubes got discontinued. It is VERY hard to get puzzle, you may occasionally find one on a korean used cube store, but that's about it. The transparent one cost 12900 won (about 13 USD) and the black one cost 8900 won (about 9 USD).

NOTE there was a Joy cube 4x4, but it was basically the biggest 4x4 EVER and it had the eastsheen mechanism. I don't know how much it cost b/c i paid a dollar for it 'cause they were having a discount.

Sky cube: Not a lot of people know about this cube. It was supposed to be an improvement over the Edison cube, and it was. It had a smooth feeling, much like the F-II IMO. I bought one off cubenjoy (which broke a few weeks later, that was my fault, the cube was solidly built). Now, I noticed they have mysteriously disappeared off the site, and couldn't find any on the korean online shopping malls. Even the website on the logo doesn't exist now. I will have to contact cubenjoy about this, as i haven't noticed this until now. I paid 14500 won (about 15 USD) for it.

(all the 4 cubes above are made by a company named Shin-Gwang-Sa, it's basically a company that makes paper.)

Daiso cube: You might have, or might not have heard about this. Daiso is basically a dollar store in korea based in japan. I don't believe they sell the daiso cube in japan though. It is really smooth, and it is adjustable, and i've had nothing but relatively good experiences with it. However, other people in korea say it is not very good and break easily. It is still sold in daisos in korea, just hard to get hold of in the US. They are 2000 won, (2 USD) which is a GREAT deal for something that is very smooth.

BTW, cubejoy DOES ship internationally, but only those who can understand korean can order.
They ship through a reshipping company, the shipping fee is very expensive.

I think this mostly sums up the korean cubes, let me know if i missed something or if you have questions so i can ask cubenjoy/the korean cuber community.
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Nov 2, 2009
I know of Edison Joy and Sky cubes. I didn't know they were made anymore.