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[Member Intro] Kaito Kid Cuber's member intro

Apr 22, 2022
The Earth
Hello !
I am Yaser . I am 15 years old . From a place that doesn't have good cubes.
I do 3x3 , 2x2 , 4x4 , 5x5 , 7x7 ( Got the 7x7 by mistake instead of 6x6 ) , Pyraminx , Megaminx and some non-wca puzzles
I am sub20 in 3x3 . Sub8 in 2x2 . Sub 1:50 in 4x4 . Sub3 in 5x5 . Sub11 in 7x7 😂 . Sub10 in pyraminx . Sub 1:40 in megaminx
My main 3x3 is qiyi warrior , but I think it is the time for getting a better cube .
My other hobbies are playing soccer and playing the piano

And that is all !