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jTimer - Rubik's Cube Timer


Jul 6, 2014
Hi everyone. My name is Jason.

I just finished a point in my timer - jTimer - were I think I can put it public.

You can download it here: link

Here are some of the features:
Average, best, and worse calculator
(Auto) scramble generator
Scramble saver
Scramble length customizer
BLD Mode
Inspection Mode
Inspection timer customizer
Time note taker
Different times list (Session changer, infinite!)
Penalties (+2, DNF)
Live-Time toggle
Auto-update server
Help button, shows help for most features.
Good, easy to use GUI.

That might sound a little confusing, but try it out!

Here's a screenshot of it: http://prntscr.com/4nwdun

And in case you didn't know - Space bar toggles timer.

Any comments and criticizem is appreciated. (For the most part ;))

The timer is coded for windows but it might work for other OS. If you have Java. I have included some code to support Multi-OS. However I'm not saying that it does, and I'm (probably) not going to change anything if it doesn't.

Thanks everyone. Hope you enjoy the timer ;)
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