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Is there a full alg set for F2L-1 > Last Pair > 1LCPLS > EPLL? Or something similar?


Oct 23, 2019
Hi, so back to my abstract ideas thread phase,

I'm asking if there's some kind of alg set out there that just does CPLS and leaves you with EPLL?
So I don't really understand CPLS but from what I know you just do an LS alg to solve CP (i guess provided you have cross EO solved) and leaves you with EP?

This is basically what I'm looking for.
If you think about it it'd be something like WV + COLL combined into one algorithm so you do F2L-1 + this alg set and then you get EPLL provided EO is solved of course.

If anyone can give me some help here, that would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, InternetConnectionGuy502


Jan 4, 2018
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WVCP is bad. Don't use it except for a few select casesl, but don't force it. The reason why is because in normal LSLL (with EO solved) you're gonna do solve pair, ZBLL ideally. With WVCP it's pair up pair, WVCP, EPLL which is one extra look and 0 extra looks if you compare it to OCLL/PLL, but it's 162 worse algs vs 28 (7 OCLLs, PLL). For this reason, don't do WV either except for a few good cases.

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