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Is there a 62 mm mass-produced 3x3, or a 70+ mm 2x2?

Doctor Hedron

Nov 2, 2018
St. Petersburg, Russia
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I have this silly idea of collecting a lineup of 2x2-5x5 cubes that go down in linear size, not up. Just for giggles. Maybe even up to 6x6 but that would be really hard.

There is a 57 mm 5x5 (Shengshou LingLong), a few 60 mm 4x4s, and a lot of 62 mm 4x4s. But I run into a problem with 3x3 and 2x2.

I can make a 64.5 mm sized 2x2 out of eight Qiyi 2x2 Mirror Blocks, which is actually not a "real" mirror blocks: on every axis, the cut has the same depth. Thus, it has one large cubic piece and one small cubic piece, and you can make a large 2x2 (64.5) and a small 2x2 (44.5) out of eight of these. As well as six novelty cuboids.

Then, the lineup will be 64.5 mm 2x2 - ??? mm 3x3 - 60 mm 4x4 - 57 mm 5x5. My problem is, I can't find a 3x3 that would be between 60 and 64.5 mm, ideally 62 or 63. TheCubicle lets you filter their huge selection of 3x3s by many parameters (on the left there), but there are only 60 and 66 mm choices. Those "61.5" ones are actually standard-sized cubes with pillowed tiles that give that measurement.

Alternatively, I can go for ??? mm 2x2 - 66 or 68 mm 3x3 - 62 mm 4x4 - 57 mm 5x5. Now there is a problem with the 2x2: I can't find a 2x2 that would be 70+ mm, ideally 72-74.

A third option, perhaps, is ??? mm 2x2 - 70 mm 3x3 - 66 mm 4x4 (some oldschool ones) - 63 mm 5x5 (standard size). Then, I'd need an approximately 73-74 mm 2x2 as well.

Any help? :) Maybe some "dollar store" cubes, not necessarily ones from established cube manufacturers? I've asked around locally, with no luck.


Dec 13, 2015
New York
For 3x3, there is the qiyi sail super big and shengshou legend super big.

For 2x2, you'll need to find someone with a GAN 2160, a 160mm 2x2 made of GAN boxes and a 356 core. They are pretty rare and hard to come by, so good luck finding a willing buyer.


Jul 30, 2018
For 2x2, you could try to make a gigantic one out of cardboard or something. Do it like in this video except scale it up and use a stronger material, like rope or a chain. That would take a lot of effort to build, but it is not as bad as some other options. If you don't want to do that, you could get the one made of the GAN boxes, this one, or this one. You could also make it like in the video of how the last link person made the 2x2, but I bet that you would have to get something like a 3d printer or something giant for it.

P.S. That video's build wasn't that hard, but it is still harder than the first option.