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Is the white guanlong made of PVC?


May 27, 2015
I am new to the forum and pretty new to speed solving.

I ordered a white guanlong on ebay because of the price and the generally good reviews it gets for new to intermediate solvers. I then ordered a black one again because of the price and I thought I could just leave it at work. For colour recognition I really prefer the black cube. It might be the fluoro yellow, but I just didn't like it. So having watched CrazyBadCubers video on dying a cube and read up a bit I tired just that.

Well, it did absolutely nothing to the cube. It didn't stain it at all, the acetone didn't eat into it in any way. So I am guessing that the cube is actually PVC? Everywhere that I have found lists it as abs, but those sites tend to be selling both the black and the white, which I assumed would be the same plastic.

Another strange thing is that the edge pieces on the black cube are a different design, same shape, they just come apart a different way, which I though was odd.

Then the next question is, what is the best way to dye the cube now? The only thing I can find for PVC (if it is in fact PVC) is using a clear cleaner mixed with a dye, but who knows where to get that and what the price is.....all for a $4 puzzle for kicks. Haha.