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Is a Sub-1 official 2x2 average even possible?


Jul 9, 2020
So, currently the fastest official 2x2 average is 1.21
And currently the fastest official 2x2 solve is 0.49
So my question was is it even possible to get a sub 1 2x2 average.
Lets say that in a ao5 you tied the WR which is 0.49
every single solve after that would have to be equal or under the time of 1.12(unless you got multiple sub 1 solves)
If your solves were 0.49, 1.12, 1.12, 1.12, 1.12, youd barely get Sub-1 with 0.99 average.
The chances of getting a Sub-1 solve is really rare in the first place with only 309 people having a single Sub-1 solve.
Out of the top 100 averages only 7 of them have Sub-1 solves in them. Not even the current 2x2 average WR has a Sub-1 Solve in it.
On addition to that only about 650 people have a time under 1.12 which is their best time.
Now obviously getting 0.49 is a big stretch seeing how if we replace the current WR averages slowest time(1.64) with 0.49 the average would still be 1.03.
Is it possible officially? Yes but it wont happen in a long time.
I havent really looked into UWR Sub-1s since UWRs are always complicated but there are a couple.
Sorry if this isnt accurate !


Oct 20, 2019
I would say that will callan's sub 1 sundays show that it is indeed possible, although they may be unofficial

In my opinion the number of people with sub 1s isn't that relevant since a single really good person can get multiple sub 1s (showing results instead of people does show some people have quite a few sub 1s)

I guess luck and fairly easy scrambles will help quite a bit in getting 2/3 sub1s in a single ao5
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Sep 15, 2017
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Short answer: yes it is and will probably happen shortly after comps start up again
Long answer:
People like Zayn and Will can get fairly regular sub 1 averages and singles, they both do sub 1 Sunday’s showing that several people can get these kind of averages regularly. I have heard Will say that he thinks he can get one soon also. I wouldn’t say that a low number of people having sub 1s makes it rare as if you are better you can get them more often. With the kind of tps I have seen people capable of they can sub one 10-11 movers pretty reliably, and solves of that movecount are pretty common. The average optimal movecount for scrambles is 9, so with some method development and practice spotting solutions around 11 can become more common. Several people even have sub 1 ao12s showing that people can get a decent amount of sub 1s. So yes sub 1 averages are possible, and they will probably happen soon (or whenever comps start up again which will probably be in around a year in the us rip)

0.49 1.12 1.12 1.12 1.12 = 1.12 ao5 because with cubing you get rid of the best and worst solve and take the mean of the middle 3.