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iPhone/iPod touch apps

Apr 3, 2009
I thought that I would make a place for people to post their favorite/most used iPhone/iPod touch apps and the reason why they are the best

Name of App:
Have fun!

Ethan Rosen

I'm ignoring your format, but I'll star all the ones that are either froo or there is a free version

puzzle related
*15 puzzle( lets you chose the size from 4x4 to 6x6, and it lets you pic the image/numbers. The full version of this apparently has a bunch of other features like rotations)
*xcube(2-6 for $.99 or 2x2 and 6x6 for free)
AkinCubes (actually pretty tricky, it's like having 2x2s that share some axis, but I can't properly explain it)
*cubetimer (it's free and it isn't half bad as a stackmat substitute)

not puzzle related
*cube runner
x-plane extreme
*LightBike (tron)
Top Gun
*lux (Risk)
flight control
*AirCombat(fun free strategy game)
*WiFinder(finds wifi signals and detects if you need to pay for it or input any type of password)
*remotepad(turns the ipod into a mouse and keyboard for your computer)
*remote(remote controls your computer's itunes as long as you are on the same wifi network)
*Flashlight(very good for blackouts-seriously)
*Lemonade Tycoon