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Introducing myself!


Jun 19, 2014
Maine, USA
Hello people of the speed solving forums! Im 1w3playz!

Here's how my cubing started,

About a year ago, I found my brothers rubiks brand sitting on the table. And so, I scrambled it and gave it a shot. No luck. He yelled at me for mixing it up, and so he made me put it back together. The next day, he said sorry for yelling at me like that, and he said, "I cant even solve it, so here you go."

I took it out of his hands and said thanks. And I went right away to trying to solve it. No luck anytime.

The next day, my school had a carnival. One of the prizes was a Rubik's cube keychain. To empress my brother, I peeled off all the stickers and put them on. He never knew that I cheated that day. Lol.

I went right back the next day to working on 1 side with no cheating. Finally, I got the yellow side. I was so proud of myself. But after that, it took awhile for me to do it again. I was just such a noob.

A month later, I was randomly trying to get one side. And suprisingly, I got it. And after that, I hadn't picked up that cube in so long. Until about 2 months ago...

About 2 months ago, I found it. The first thing I thought was, Oh, let's look up a guide on youtube on how to solve 1 side! After I did that, and learned the hide and seek trick. I mastered it. I was disappointed to find that there was no guide on how to solve 2 sides, so I was left with trying to solve the whole thing.

I searched around youtube for a few days, and finally found a guide I liked. It was Noah Richardson's guide. Everyday, I would practice the early steps, a lot. And when I thought I was ready, I went on to the algorithms when you get 1 side and 2 rows. I did that, mastered that, then the next step, then the next step. And finally, I was left with the last step to solve the Rubik's cube.

I turned R2, and the cube was solved.

A few days later, I order a Dayan ZhanChi off of amazon. I dramatically improved after going from a rubiks brand to that. My best time is currently, 1:20, it's ok for me. I wanna hit below 1 min at the end of the Sumer. Thats my goal. And I know I can do it.

Just a few days ago, I leaned how to solve the 2x2, and I didn't even have the cube yet! The only way I could practice was the Rubik's cube app! And so, since I like my Dayan ZhanChi, I decided to get the Dayan ZhanChi 2x2. (Since I'm not old enough) My mother made a mistake and got 2 of the 2x2s, but thats ok. At least I have a spare for a gift of something.

Since it arrived today, my best time on the 2x2 is 25secs.( now is currently 10.95 secsThat was the only time i timed myself today so I think I must have done better sometime without the timer. Thats my therie.

I got recommended to come here by someone at the Supercell Forums. And I was like "Why not give it a go?" And here I am now, on the speedsolving forums.
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