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Interview with Dan Cohen


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Mar 13, 2006
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July 24, 2008 : Interview with Speedsolving.com member Dan Cohen : Currently (at the time of this interview) holds the World Record single solve for the 4x4x4 at 46.03 seconds, and 5x5x5 single and average (1:20.98/1:29.40).

Allentown, PA / Pittsburgh, PA.

Music Technology student at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.

What is your favorite event, why?
It's a split decision between square-1 and 5x5. 5x5 is something I've always liked to do, and have obviously become pretty good at it. Even when I took 30 seconds to do 3x3, I really loved the intuitiveness of 5x5. Square-1, to me, is less repetitive. For some reason I just like to do it. I probably practice square-1 more than 5x5 now.

What made you become interested in solving puzzles?
After a mutual friend knew how to solve the cube, both Jon Choi (Exocorsair) and I started cubing together. I learned a beginners method from some spanish site, and stuck with that. Jon eventually was the one who found speedcubing.com with the Fridrich method and we dove into other puzzles. My interest in puzzles is basically due to the influence of Jon. Thanks!

What, in your opinion, is your biggest "cubing" accomplishment?
I think that getting the 5x5 World Records at US Nationals is my greatest accomplishment. I finally reached a goal in the puzzle that I've liked the longest. Breaking the 1:30 barrier for average was something that was totally unexpected, and I think that doing that was something that I feel is completely insane.

What are your other hobbies?
As a music student, music isn't really a hobby anymore, but a profession. Ever since I started playing trumpet in 5th grade, I've always loved music, and found it relatively easy to be good at. After picking up both piano and bass in 7th-8th grade, I haven't stopped yet. I finally had to make the decision to keep doing music, as I really couldn't see myself doing anything else. I also participate in a few sports, but skiing is my favorite. I started when I was 3 years old, and have never stopped. I've participated in USSA (US Ski Association) events for the past 6 years, and this past winter represented PA in the Eastern J1 / J2 finals at Gore, NY.

What is/are your pet peeve(s)?
I'm not really sure what specific things bother me, so I'll just leave this one blank. One thing that comes to mind is redundancy though. Hearing the same thing over and over really just bugs me a lot.
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