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Improving the search engine


Nov 11, 2014
Gauteng, South Africa
Bumping this. A couple quick questions for the community in general:
1) How often do you use the search?
2) Does it return useful results for you?

Looking to make some improvements.
I basically never look at the site results tab and only ever look at Google results, because the site results are basically useless for general searches.

If I'm looking for a thread title, the Google results usually give me what I'm looking for. Looking for a specific post in a thread with a couple hundred pages based on a handful of keywords is really hard. The site results would probably work perfectly well for this, if only it didn't exclude short words. Google search doesn't help for this because it searches the whole site, not just a specific thread.

I definitely understand the need to exclude common short words like "the", "an", "of", etc - but in context with other keywords, short words specific to a certain topic are essential for narrowing down a search.

A perfect example of a search that I think should be possible that isn't is "zz oh tips". The Google site results give somewhat relevant links. The Site search literally only returns results for "tips" which is absolutely useless. Not one result in the first 4 pages is relevant to what I was searching for.

Lastly, when you are on site results, changing pages goes back to Google results.

Anyway, I'm really glad you're looking to make improvements. Keep up the good work!
Jun 30, 2015
Brisbane, Australia
Visit Channel
1. Every now and then when I want to look back at valuable information posted at places I can't exactly remember.

2. (Using the Google search) honestly not that often can I find what I'm looking for (if I can't remember the exact name of the thread I'm looking for), and sometimes it's super frustrating, because when I do find it, my previous searches haven't worked because of things like blindfolded and BLD, and also when I haven't put in enough key words of things I couldn't possibly remember (e.g. Collection, series, group, table)