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Imagine the Perfect Cube for You


Jun 4, 2018
The world's worst discount tire
That would go straight into the garbage for me, I hate cheese.

welp based on reactions better post this on r/unpopularopinion
Do people actually use Reddit still? Like why? Everyone there always seems so negative and mad for literally no reason

Not sure if this has been a thread before, but oh well. Feel free to move.

Anyway, imagine the perfect cube for you. What would it look like? What special features would it have? What would it be built out of?

Post what your perfect cube would be. Then, snap back to reality and realize that you'll probably never get your perfect cube.

The more valkish it is the better, so the Valk. It’s either mesmerizing or disappointing that one of the most used cubes in this day and age is 5 years old. The Valk elite is also good but not a replacement, I switch between both all the time so I do think my perfect cube will be achieved by mixing aspects of both.


Sep 19, 2021
I have two perfect cubes.

The first one is made of chocolate. Take a bite each time i pause on pyra.

The second one is weird.

It's a Gan 356 X (specifically IPGv5) with Cyan internals and Blue outer color.
Next it would have MagLev, but in the form of (GES v3) GES. It's weight would be 70g.

It would be lubed with Compound X (not compound 10.) Lubicle Speedy, Weight 6 and Cosmos (weird choice.)
If the cube is sold somehow, it would be sold in 999, 9999 or 99999 copies.