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I'm back! :D

Jul 31, 2013
Most of you do not know me but I was here from August 2013 until about January 2014. I just one day realized I have not picked up a cube in a week. but a week ago, we where about to go on vacation and I brought 2 3x3's and my 7x7. I solved them and realized what I have been missing. I plan to stay awhile now :) I hope to make new friends again :) If this is the wrong section, please forgive me and moderators can move as desired :) just message me for my Skype name and we can do "Lessons". Just to know where I currently am, back when I cubed everyday in 2013 when I joined this forum, I had to know only the 4 G-perms and I would have 1 look PLL. Now, sadly, I only know a few. :/ It would be great if someone for like to help me though! I am trying to get better at cross. I average around 3 - 4 seconds but I remember back in the day I averaged 7 - 8 seconds :O My look ahead is getting better and I can solve cross + F2L within 14 seconds sometimes. I had a great friend one time her name was SneaklyFox. you better remember me ;)

Thanks! ~SpeedSolver101