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If you're thinking of buying a metallic ghost cube


Premium Member
Aug 2, 2013
Charleston, WV
I have been looking around this forum and others looking for a metallic ghost cube (purple preferably) for sale. I have found a few on the twisty puzzles forum and they are crazy expensive. The average price was around 140 British Pounds or 250 USD. I actually considered it, because I am not that bright and I really wanted one for my collection haha. But I have since found out that you can also order a Chinese Lunar Year bundle from HKNow and you get one that way too!

Now I understand that these bundles are expensive and not everyone will see this as a viable option. But for someone who was going to pay the large price for a ghost cube anyway, it is refreshing to get a TON of other puzzles, along with the ghost cube that I wanted, for about the same going price as the single metallic puzzle on ebay.

Here is a link to the bundles, and you better hurry if you want one because they are going quickly.



Feb 21, 2014
United Kingdom
I was going to post something exactly like this today, I saw the bundles and thought about what a great deal they were. Beat me to it haha :)