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I sell a 15$ Cubicle Free Card for 10$


Mar 2, 2019
South West of France
First of all, I won this card and it kinda feels weird to sell a gift but the fact the it will be way more usefull for an American guy than for me. If you are from TheCubicle and think this is disrespectful, know that I really like your site and what you do for speedcubing in general (always 100% team cubicle).

Yes, this is weird but I explain myself:
Outside of NA, TheCubicle shipping costs are really pricy: 22$ is the cheapest where I leave.
On some other sites (local sites), the shipping cost are <5$ or even free and the overall prices are pretty much the same.

Which means that with this card, I still pay more one thecubicle than on my local websites.
This would obviously be the other way if you are from US.

If you are interrested, PM me, I don't want to give the code first. But if you still want to be sure this is not a scam you can send me 5$ then I give you the code then you give me the last 5$ :D

Thanks !

Btw we can negociate the price
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Dylan Swarts

Jun 10, 2018
South Africa
Visit Channel
I actually have a similar problem, having a an $18 gift card from cubicle, but really not being able to use it because of $40 shipping to South Africa.. So really I've just been keeping it til I have lots of money and make it a worthwhile purchase or just buy with other people that I know from school and stuff. Goodluck, hope someone can take it off your hands!
Sep 14, 2018
My Desk
I bought the card from @Apolo and I used most of the card but it has like 30 cents left. Code is 2622 7cha ge2e d9ad.feel free to use the rest, but if you do just reply to this post saying you did so multiple people don't try and use it. Hopefully it will even let someone else use the rest :p