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I found 2-Flip Method (or so) for Pyraminx


Sep 8, 2020
I was thinking 2-flip method (or so) for Pyraminx.

Ok, so, how this works is make a top layer with 2 edge flipped, solve the center with alg and it set up to Oka edge insertion and then last layer. I can't call this method tho.

So here algs anyway, I use Drew Brads notation:
L R Dw' R U' R

R' L' Dw L' U L

F / R : CW
L R L' Dw' R U' R'

F / R: CCW
R' L' Dw L' R U L

F / L : CCW R : CW
R' L' R' Dw L' U L

F / L : CW R : CCW
R' L' Dw' L' R' U L

F / R : CCW L : CCW B : CW
R' L' Dw' ( R U' ) R U R'

R / R : CW L : CCW B: CCW
R B U L' U L' U' L

F / R : CW L : CW B : CW
L U B U' R Dw' R U' R'

F / R : CCW L : CCW B: CCW
R' U' B' U L' Dw L' U L

I'm not sure if this is fast or not because it has Dw moves in every algorithm.

What do you think about this?
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