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I created a Pseudo Slotting tutorial :) Hope this helps you guys out!



Saying pseudo slotting was created by Tymon is like saying chris Tran invented magnetic cubes :p


Platinum Member
Aug 13, 2011
Canberra, Australia
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@everyone complaining about not giving tymon credit

who gives a crap about who "invented" it? in all honesty there were probably a bunch of different people that had the idea and did little to nothing with it (just like every other concept in cubing)

tymon on the other hand is without a doubt the cuber who has taken it the furthest thus far and done the most for the method, which is why he WILL and SHOULD get credit

the same is true for methods named after other people generally speaking (VLS for example was popularized and first implemented widely by mats, even though it's unlikely he was the first to think of it or even try developing it)

also keep in mind that the method isn't even named after tymon...