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I am selling lots of cubes for cheap! Selling from Canada but can ship to the US


Jul 13, 2020
Hello, thank you for coming to this post!
I am currently selling (all prices in Canadian Dollar)
Gan 356 XS - 45$
Gan 356 X - 35$
Valk 3 - 10$
Gan 249 - 20$
Dayan Zanchi 2018 - 8$
GTS2 - 15$
Rubiks Brank Cubes (3 3x3s, 3 2x2s!) - 10$
Gan 356 R (kinda broken because I tried to magnitize it and failed) - 3$
Cyclone Boys Mini 3x3 - 1$
Moyu Skewb - 3$

All prices in CAD, PM me for pictures, and PM me if you think some prices are too much and if you want to see if you can get some *SICK DEALZ* by getting multiple cubes together!