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I am new to this forum


Jan 19, 2008
Chennai, India
I saw this member introductions a little late. I have already made few posts in the forum but lemme introduce myself in here.

My previous cubing:
I solved the cube for the first time around 10 years back. That is when I was 11 year old, when my mom bought me a rubik's cube. When I solved it then, I never bothered to improve my speed beyond 4 min.(that was my timing then). After a long time 3 years back, I noticed a revenge with one of my college-mates an tried solving it and got stuck at parity situation.

Recent Cubing:
I met Karthik an year ago and realized that there are lot of resources out on net to learn and improve cubing.

3x3 status:
Currently my average time is 35.xx sec using a cross + freestyle keyhole, 2 look OLL, 2/1 look PLL(I dunno all PLLs). Recently trying to adapt to Fridrich F2L. But I am taking around 45 sec now :(

3x3 OH:
Average: 105.xx sec

3x3 BLD:
M2 edges, Orientation of corners, 3 cycle permutation of corners.

Reduction Method 165.xx

16.xx recently learned Ortega Method.

4x4 BLD:
Recently started and never timed these. But am very slow and am sure that I take around 25 min. Orientation and 3 cycle for corners, r2 for dedges and U2 for centers.

Please guide me from here. Thank you all.


Sep 21, 2008

I came here 4weeks ago!
Anyway I have been cubing for 9weeks...

1 month sub 40
2 months sub 30

I learned all about friedrich F2L and beginners method by myself - no guides.
Just knowing that I need to pair them and put in slot together...
OLLs and PLLs I found different websites all over the net.
I can send mine if some1 wants...

My suggestions for next few weeks:
Try to learn F2L and identify situation fast, Try to do every step seperatedly closing ur eyes during every step, Also do all "1 step stop" and do every step as fast as it is possible to increase ur fingerspeed and Find out all PLLs and some OLLs. Just post me something if u want my algs...

Some web sites which may help u:

lower one is my progress thread from sub 40sec...