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I’m selling my Cube Collection


Jun 16, 2019
Hey guys,as you can tell from the title I’m trying to sell my cubes. I’ll put a list of my cubes below.
-Gan Air SM
-Moyu GTS3 M Ridges
-Moyu GTS3 M No Ridges
-QIYI Valk 3
-Qiyi Valk 3 Power M
-Gan 356 R
-Gan 249 v2 M
-Moyu Weipo
-Moyu Aosu GTS2M
-Gan 356X Numerical IPG
-Yuxin Little Magic
-Mojiang MF3RS2
DISCLAIMER: My Valk 3 has a yellow missing cap. So if you still wanna buy it, you can just replace it. Also in total I’ve bought these over 400, so I’m not trying to get low balled, so the price I’m going for is in the 200s$ These are used but they are all in pretty good shape. I would also prefer it if you bought it all together. Thank you! Edit: I’m selling these with their accessories too, if you’re all wondering. I can take a pic if you guys want to see. I don’t mind if you buy some puzzles separately btw, I would just prefer if someone would buy it in a bundle.
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Mar 24, 2019
How much for GAN 249 and X and the Aosu. I could offer 75 including shipping