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[Hypothetical] What's the most ridiculous thing you could think of doing at a competition?


Jun 30, 2014
Probably my room
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So I had a stupid idea that probably goes against a WCA regulation or two, but picture this.

I head into the competition venue with 5 bags full of the new GAN 349 Pro Elite XS Max Plus Z3800X cubes that had recently come out. They cost me $120 each. And I wonder why I rarely have money lying around. Everyone is staring at me in confusion as I submit 179 cubes for my first and most likely only multiblind attempt ever. The scramblers take a while to prepare my puzzles, but that's ok. I sit at a multiblind station, with all the cubes covered with a king-sized blanket someone had brought. I throw off the blanket and immediately put my blindfold on. I noodle around on one cube for a while, not planning on actually solving it. I take the blindfold off, and I had done it. I broke the record for the worst multiblind attempt ever. Negative one hundred and seventy-nine points.

I immediately get kicked out of the competition and get banned from the WCA for life. And they all lived. The end.

So I was wondering what kinds of ridiculous things you guys could think of doing in competition (but like.... don't do a zillion cube multiblind attempt please, that'd be a lot of time wasted for scramblers and such)


Mar 21, 2019
somewhere on the complex plane.
I take a flight to wherever a comp is, enter, get a megaphone, and while the best CFOPer is doing solves I scream "JOIN THE ROUXVOLUTION!!!!!" as loud as I can into my megaphone. Then I find everyone's cubes and I do an LSE only scramble on all of them. Then with red paint I write "The Rouxvolution is coming" on every open surface, and then I fly back to Mexico before I get arrested.

Shaun Mack

Nov 12, 2019
have 2 people take some random kids white top ylm squan and run into the hallway, have the kid chase you and then turn around accidentally kicking him in the stomach, while your other friend goes outside in the cold, causing him to nearly miss his round of squan, and then the innocent victim needs to borrow someone elses squan and then the theif gets a 25 average when he averages 13. i have not experienced this hahaahahhahaahhaa i got a 16 average hahaahhaa