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HUGE Clearance sale! (YuXin + XMan + MoYu + more!)


Jul 5, 2015
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~ LimCube Frame Pyraminx: $10
~ Qiyi QiHeng Megaminx (Sculpted): $3
~ Galaxy V2 Megaminx: $10
~ Little Magic Pyraminx: $2
~ LimCube Pyrastar 2x2: $7
~ ShengShou 7x7: $12
~ Qiyi QiXing 7x7: $7
~ Cosmic XMan Volt M Square 1: $25
~ Qiyi QiFa Square 1: $2
~ Qiyi Mini Thunderclap 4x4: $5
~ Cyclone Boys G7: $15
~ ZCube Magnetic Pyraminx: $4

*Shipping not included*
- U.S.: $3 First Class
- International: $12 First Class

YuXin Cloud 5x5: SOLD
Qiyi QiZheng S 5x5: SOLD
Moyu Tangpo: SOLD
Illusion Weilong GTSM v1: SOLD
Weilong GTS2M: SOLD
Boron Treated MF3RS2: SOLD
Dayan XiangYun: SOLD
Shengshou Mr. M: SOLD
Kungfu Yuehun 2x2: SOLD
Illusion Yuxin White 2x2 M: SOLD
YanCheng Yan3 3x3: SOLD
OP Dayan Treated MF3RS2: SOLD
Qiyi QiYuan S 4x4: SOLD
Supernova GTS2M (1 corner cap missing): SOLD
YuXin Treasure Chest Cube: SOLD
Supernova WuHua v2M 6x6: SOLD
3D Printed Half Proportional 3x3x5 (Uneven pieces): SOLD
3D Printed RCP Trapezoid Edge Cube: SOLD
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