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How's it going Cubers?


Aug 17, 2011
Hi Everyone,
My Name is Sam, and I'm a cuber.
I first learned to solve a cube one day in 2007. a couple weeks later I entered my first competition. I did alright for learning the beginner's method only a few weeks before but I knew i wanted to improve, and I have. I took a break for a few years because of other obligations which I really regret because 4 extra years of cubing would have made me a beast on twisty puzzles.

I entered the captain's cove competion in May, and now I'm really back into cubing.
my best time on 3x3x3 is 23.48 sec. and 4x4x4 is 3 min 15 sec. (not the best but I'm working on it)

I'm really excited to start posting on the forum. thanks for reading my post and HAPPY CUBING! :)