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How to get Sub 15?


Feb 18, 2018
i Use CFOP. i know full oll/pll.
Well in that case, here are some things to work on/keep in mind.

For the cross, make sure/work on solving it in under 8 moves (it would be best if you can get almost all your crosses in under 6 moves) but 8 is a good start. Also, make sure that you have the whole cross planned out during inspection, and that you can solve it in under 2-4 seconds. Lastly, work on finding your first F2L pair as you plan the cross.

For F2L, Jperm has a great series on it, and here is a video, but you can find the whole series on YouTube for it:

For OLL and PLL, make sure that you are using good algs, and work on solving each algs in under 2 seconds. What helps with that is doing OLL and PLL time attacks, in which you start the timer and go from 1 alg to the next in a continues session and once you have gone through all the cases, stop the timer and see what your time is.

For the 3x3 as a whole, do a lot of slow untimed solves and work on look ahead. Try to be able to solve the cube without any pauses, and once you can do that slowly you can start to turn faster and work on your TPS.

Please ask more questions as you have them. Happy cubing!