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How much do winter variation, coll/epll, or zbll benefit the solves in OH?

Jack Chan

Nov 1, 2019
I had watched feliks's video on eo during the f2l stage. He usually uses three moves to six moves with some rotations to get the cross on top. I wonder how it is worth it. Therefore, I have come up this question.
Mar 16, 2020
a Pokedex or somewhere near you.
Well, they all have two things in common, they save some moves and some sets lookahead, Winter variation is a shorter movecount version of OLL, COLL make you always get corners solves PLLs which is really easy. ZBLL saves a lot of moves, like 9 moves on average, but unfortunately, recognition is a lot slower than just OLL and PLL so lookahead didn't win in ZBLL but... that is what I can tell in two handed solving, for one handed solving, most of ZBLL's algs are 2 gen which makes it really easy to perform in OH and that 2 gen thing is common in WV and COLL.
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Oct 27, 2019
An uncolonized sector of the planet Mars
For OH, all of COLL is worth it, as well as all of ZBLL. I wouldn't recommend forcing a cross on the time, I would recommend switching to ZZ-z rotation for OH, as in the long term, it's objectively better then CFOP.
That's not true, there's no proof that ZZ is better than CFOP at OH


Dec 24, 2015
WV, COLL and ZBLL all provide benefit due to reducing move count, but note that these are not methods that "work" with each other. ZBLL supplants COLL, so I'm not going to talk about COLL. The usefulness of WV drops to basically nil if you know ZBLL, since doing a normal F2L insert into ZBLL is almost always better than doing anything fancy for F2L and finishing with PLL. (On the other hand, the CubeSkills WV list also marks out cases where you can easily force T-set ZBLL, which is almost the best of both worlds.)

I rarely bother learning OH-specific ZBLL algs (except for a very small number of cases) and it's still a win over OCLL/PLL, even with the bad algs I'm using.

Now, both WV and ZBLL require EO to be done during F2L. ZZ is obviously a good way of doing this, but even with CFOP-ish methods you can use VHLS/ZBLS algs to influence EO as you solve F2L. It doesn't really ever make sense to spend six moves to solve EO and EO alone—that's the same number of moves as fruruf/fururf.

all F2L is RU.
No guarantee of this unless you force the first block's pieces to not be on the left side. Also, unlike regular ZZ, you can't mix up the orders in which you solve the first block and the second block, which actually hurts efficiency (although in practice I rarely switch sides, so maybe this isn't a big issue).