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How many solves did it take for people to be Sub-12 on Square-1 and what parity method do you use?

Oct 23, 2022
I have done around 1000 solves and I average around 20 seconds on Square-1. My goal is to be Sub-12 and I currently use just the 13-slice parity alg, but I don't know if I should learn CP Parity, all of the Parity EP's, CSP, or not learn anything. How many solves do I have to do to get Sub-12 and what parity method should I use?


Thom S.

Sep 26, 2017
Learn all the One-sided Parity EPs. That should cover you for a long time.
As for Parity Method, all sails go to CSP. And that's not bad. If you REALLY really don't wanna learn CSP, but also don't want Parity EPs, then you can learn CPP. It's not the best choice you can do tho.