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How many pieces does your entire cube collection have?


Jan 14, 2018
I'm just bored so I came up with this idea.
Rules: Screws, corner caps, edge caps, center caps, springs, tiles, missing pieces are not considered a piece of a cube. Corners/edges that can split into many parts, a piece that is broken into many parts, are considered one piece. Note: Cores, center caps of super floppy cube, and spinning part outside the center of even layered cubes are considered pieces of a cube.
Me: 3x3's and different mods: 27 pieces for each. I have 10 3x3 and mods. So that would be 270.
YJ 2x2: 25 pieces.
Eastsheen 2x2: 24 pieces.
Mofangge 4x4: 103 pieces.
Shengshou 4x4: 95 pieces.
5x5's: 97 pieces for each. I have 2 5x5's. That would be 194.
YJ 6x6: 223 pieces.
YJ 7x7: 217 pieces.
Super floppy cube: 15 pieces. (With 3 missing pieces)
3x3x2 Domino cube: 19 pieces.
3x3x4 cuboid: 36 pieces. (Including a piece that holds the middle layer)
Void cube: 42 pieces
Pyraminx: 15 pieces
Megaminx: 63 pieces
Skewb: 15 pieces
Ivy cube: 11 pieces
Dino cube: 21 pieces
That would be a total of 1388 pieces.