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How many methods?


Apr 4, 2017
How many methods are you using? Are you real good in one and decent or so so in others?

I just recently started solving with the most basic Roux method after years with CFOP.

It might seem unwise to jump off into another one immediately after starting Roux, however after that I could do that, I went ahead and started experimenting with ZZ.

Anytime I had looked at ZZ before, it confused me a bit by the edge orientation, but since I got a taste of that from Roux, I thought I'd revisit it.

It was a little tougher to grasp but I started getting the hang of it. Whilst looking at some EO videos I noticed some on Petrus, so I went ahead and watched.
While I had juat barely gotten through ZZ, I gave Petrus a try. It's different yet similar in some ways. However, the similarities started confusing me, so I'm going to let Petrus sit for a bit until I'm comfortable with my two new methods. I really like the block building in each of them.

Watching guys like Jperm and Shawn from speedcubing review bust through multible methods has inspired me to learn other methods. Will I be as good as them? No way, but I don't cube for that reason, only for personal accomplishment satisfaction.

One might think I'm squandering my time with it, but honestly when I solve with cfop in between, I feel like my solves are more fluid now rather than suffering.
Maybe it's the break, maybe it's the contrasting methods, but it seems faster. I haven't timed it, but it's fun switching, and I hope to get better with the new methods, at least to a fair speed.

After spending time with these, I may return to blindfold solving using the Old Pochmann. I gave it up because to get just a few correct solves, I had to endure so many frustrating failures and I really didn't feel like I had time then.

I may start using zz for OH like many do. It seems like I will lend itself to that.